Why is There So Much Racial Hate Still in This Country?

How and why is there still racial tension going on in the United States? The country that made up of immigrants still holds tension against others who are not like themselves. I do not understand how such an intelligent country could be so dumb.

The Trayvon Martin case and the Tulsa shootings have brought up in the media the race issue. Although neither have been proven to be hate crimes at all the media is still bringing in the fact that these are African Americans killed by a different race. There is definitely still a stigma when it comes to seeing a black man wearing a hoodie and that what the Trayvon Martin case has brought up a lot within the media. Sad but true people are still viewed by the color of their skin and by the clothes on their backs.

There are still groups of people who find themselves superior to other groups in America. Of course the great country this is we are given that freedom to love others and to hate others as well. Unfortunately hate leads to violence and youths of America are dying and it is nothing less than a tragedy.

Racism can lead to nothing but tragedy. When one people hates another group of people that usually leads to a war. It is a war within our own country against our own people. Slavery had been abolished in the days of Lincoln but now they days that we can drive a Lincoln town car there is still that feeling of hate. There is still that sense of a war is going to start any moment between two groups of people.

As time moves forward I feel our country needs to stop moving backwards. To get through our difficult times, to help teach our kids values, to make this country the great country it is we all need to get along. We all need to ban together and stop fighting within our own nation against our own people. We as a nation need to stand together and fix ourselves and be an example for the world. We need to show the world that all people, different races and religions, can get along and make a great nation. It saddens me to think that this may never happen in my lifetime and my children will still be raised where there is hatred against a persons race.

I hope that cops crack down on these hate crimes and our nation starts to straighten up. As sad as it is that these people had to die I hope that they will be an example to show that hate is wrong. Even though again neither of these cases have shown that they are hate related or that African Americans were targeted, I am glad that it is being talked about. If we talk about it and realize that the hate is out there instead of keeping it hush up, maybe people will talk, maybe people will learn.