Why Talking About Race Scare People?

When discussing the many facets, of racism you soon reallize the subject still hurts people that many avoid the subject. In many cases with programs it seems instead, of discussing the matter they turn it into a total racist situation, of a tone debate. White this or black this when all you’re simply trying to do is address the whys and the hows? With other avenues added into the discussion.

Many times, we skip the problem, of addressing that the government, of America supported racism longer than it should have and hold some, of the responsibility for the problem, within society. People deeply under the impression that racism or segregation simply happen in the South. When it happen in many regions, of America too. In the South, it was supported, by the Jim Crow’s legallized law because many rich and powerful politicians wanted it kept in place. Remember, you can always profit, from one group if they never knew the rules, of the game.

That, why you see many whites crying foul about those minorities that has strived in modern time because, of education structure or lucky opportunity that came before them. Whites still must admit they have the advantage, of getting hired quicker than many minorities that gets judged, by their pigmentation. Many companies racial makeup tells you the story, of their scenery.

Any soldier’s that fought in any American war should have the respect and honor, of its people for being that brave to accept the challenge. But, you research and find that the American military missed many steps during the war years to better themselves before it took legislature and presidents to address racism dealing with the military. When you have American soldiers seated next to the Hitler’s regime squad and having meals together because they was white. And, the African Americans honorable soldiers can’t be served, at the same resturant it sends a hurtful message to many within our society.

We make fun, of Western movies , where the Indian warrior or chief always said; the white man law was never fair to them in signing treaties? Which mainly was true in reality more than we realized. But, when addressing the treatment, of others by one certain group, of the many races on earth. That one race seems to think it’s unwarranted. When in reality it isn’t. Many, within that group just like many within the minority group choses to avoid reality.

All races has a past and many within all races ran or hid, from their very own heritage. Either out, of fear or to get ahead, at certain time within their live. Many, with the Jewish population edited their names or hid their past and heritage. Many blacks suffered or was able due to their complexion to pass themselves off, as whites.

Notice, the theme or the race that dictate the habits that many was aligning themselves up to pass themselves off as. But, don’t read this article wrong because many whites gets over looked because, of the good they deal in assisting minority races through the centuries and decades to follow. In doing stories based on segregation African American fighters, many never venture over to the other side to tell a different perspective in them days.

The Federal Marshal that escorted the children’s during those hostile years must have had a story worth telling, as they was the one dictating the ways to act in dealing wit those hostile forces. But, we seems to not have that logic address I guess because it’s a different perspective. Even, in talking about the underground railroad days, when many slaves was assisted in escaping. Take note that somewhere, within that line whites assisted too.

Notice, the theme is a majority about the major two structured groups that has the most rage creating the many divisions, within our society. I would name them but just grab a book and notice the pages color and the lettering color to get my point.

Many times, we create our own fear structure, by not being people persons in society. We more concern about what people think about us having a friendship will others outside our own group? Sometimes, you have got to stand on your own to be strong. Which we saw in politicians that went against the advice, of their advisers to tackle racism in society. Which, we saw in groups that came together to fight laws that discriminated against another because, of pigmentation.

Before, we are ever born. We not in charged, of the color we will be that’s one thing as an unborn your parents olds the key too. We call many whites racist only to get put to the test wen they professed they are not. And, it turn out truthful when they states their grand children or child is, of another ethicity. And show them off with joy. Sure, this isn’t the case with all whites. As, it’s not the case with blacks. Who in today’s culture isn’t afraid to tell you their emotions about the caucasian race.

The race that once was intimidated, by one group has changed through the years to realized hey are stronger in opinions like others before them. Still, I hate to admit racism scares people to talk about. Go to many open events and pay attention to the seating arrangement. Notice, sometimes you think racism or segregation dicates the whites sitting with the white. And, the African Americans seated along their own.

Then, you have society representation that you hope will come to reality. The mixture, of races seated together because, of friendship and not color coded rules, as friends.